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Leadership Capital Institute (LCI)

Location: Cornell University in Ithaca, NY

Dates: June 24th – June 30th

Leadership Capital Institute Days: June 25th – June 29th

Travel Days: June 23rd or 24th & June 30th. We will have accommodations for overnight stay June 23rd and 24th.  We plan to wrap with everything by June 30th, so please note that we will not have accommodations for the June 30th evening.  

What you need to know:


If traveling from NYC, we recommend taking a bus from NYC to Ithaca (approx. 4.5 hr drive). For taking a bus, please refer to these options:

  • Campus to Campus bus (Cornell):
    • June 23rd (Leaving Cornell Club, NYC): 6:30 AM; 12:30 PM; 6:30 PM
    • June 24th (Leaving Cornell Club, NYC): 12:30 PM; 5 PM
    • June 30th (Leaving Cornell North Campus, Ithaca): 5:30 AM; 11:30 AM; 5:30 PM
  • Coach USA

If traveling from Boston, we recommend taking a bus. Another option would be for if Fellows have a car in Boston for the year, to try and coordinate driving to Ithaca together (approx. 6 hr drive).


If you need to store baggage in Boston or NYC during the week, please coordinate with ServiceCorps and we are happy to accommodate.


The dress code during the day is business casual. Please bring clothing that you can get dirty during outdoor activities (such as hiking) and sports. Days are warm, nights are mild. 


We plan to reimburse Fellows for travel to and from host cities to Ithaca, NY. You can find our Reimbursement Policy in the Portal.

More Information:

We will send information about required reading and other necessary preparation for the week soon. And plan to update this page with more information soon.

ServiceCorps App

To facilitate seamless communication between and amongst ServiceCorps staff and Fellows, ServiceCorps commissioned a private mobile/tablet app. Please install the app and "turn on" notifications to stay in the loop.

Here are the direct links to the app:

LCI Pre-Work

To make the most of our week together, we’d like to ask you to take some time to do the following pre-work. Please read through the pre-work entirely and thoroughly and make note of dates for completion. 

Bere, Lamarr, Nick, and Matt

Bring To LCI


Bring Your Pants (Really!)

  • Time: N/A
  • Due: Bring to LCI
  • Directions:  Please bring all of the non-formal pairs of pants you plan to wear to your Service Placement to LCI. A local seamstress will affix the official ServiceCorps Patch to your pants. (Optional but encouraged)

Bring A Significant Item

  • Time: N/A
  • Due: Bring to LCI
  • Directions: Bring a personally meaningful object that you'd like to share with the group during our time together.

Due Before LCI


Scan & Email Passport, Driver's License, Social Security #

  • Time: N/A
  • Due: Tuesday before LCI (June 20)
  • Directions: E-mail Ben ( with a scan of your:
    • Passport
    • Driver's License
    • Social Security Card (if you don't have it, please send your Social Security #)


  • Time: N/A
  • Due: Tuesday before LCI (June 20)
  • Directions: E-mail Ben ( with the name of a personally meaningful song that you’d like to play for the group during our time together.  Please include the artist and song version if there are different versions. We will find it on iTunes and download it.

Enneagram Test

  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Due: Tuesday before LCI (June 20)
  • Directions: Please take the Enneagram personality trait indicator through the link below. Enter your personal code to bypass the $12 fee.
    • Davis ec92qh, Elicia zgycw7, Hannah xv9gc2, Jackie tfsrng, John Casey zydk5p, John Gallagher fa9rjn, Joon xbf5h3, Joshua 7kvd2n, JP re7zvn, Louis b89yw6, Mackenzie fqvzyo, Neha xd5biu, Nora awp2f3, Nuha g6wd2q, Oliva h42yq5, Sam i8vgcm

Written Assignment

  • Time: 1 hour
  • Due: Tuesday before LCI (June 20)
  • Directions: Complete an individual reflection of where you are in your own personal journey as a socially conscious leader and email it to Ben (
    • As you prepare for your ServiceCorps year it will be invaluable to mark your own place in time – your starting point in a sense at this juncture in your life – to help you orient to making the most of the opportunity ahead. Therefore, please give yourself at least one uninterrupted hour to consider and write down your thoughts to the following prompts. Please don’t try to impress anyone– just be as real and open and honest as you can.

      Please write your thoughts in any way that makes sense to you. There is no right format. The purpose is to establish a starting point for yourself as we come together and you embark on this ServiceCorps year.

      Reflect on your work and personal life, asking yourself the following questions:

      • What do I want my life to be about?
      • What are my professional goals?
      • What are my personal goals?
      • Is my current job the right job for me?

Supporters Exercise

  • Please send contact information of list of supporters to
    • As part of a feedback exercise, we ask you to provide us with the names, email, and phone numbers of at least 3 (preferably 4) of your "supporters." A supporter can be but not limited to a close friend, family member, teacher, or mentor, and the person must be aware of your participation in ServiceCorps this year. There is no limit to having any one type of supporter (e.g. listing 4 close friends is fine). We won't say much more as you will find out why this is necessary at LCI!


  • Time: Approximately 6 hours:
    • 1 Book (184 pages)
    • 1 Screenplay/Film (100 pages/100minutes)
    • 2 Essays (17 pages)
    • 4 Case Studies (95 pages)
  • Due: Prior to LCI
  • Directions: Please see the Pre-Reading section below.


LCI Pre-Reading

All readings are due by the start of LCI. It is strongly recommended that you print all readings as we will be using them throughout the week. 

LCI Book

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl (184 pages)

You should purchase a copy of this book or print a PDF so that you may take notes. Please read this book which we will be referencing during LCI and throughout the Fellowship. 

By way of background, this book was first published in 1946 in Austria. The original German title of the book translates to "...To Nevertheless Say 'Yes' to Life: A Psychologist Experiences the Concentration Camps" (…trotzdem Ja zum Leben sagen: Ein Psychologe erlebt das Konzentrationslager). 

It was first published in the USA in 1959. The title of the first English-language translation was From Death-Camp to Existentialism. The book was later revised and enlarged and eventually became best known by its current title Man's Search For Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy.

  • Available from Amazon for approx. $6 here
  • PDF versions are available on the internet at no cost

LCI Essays

Essay #1: What Makes a Leader? by Daniel Goleman (12 pages)

What distinguishes great leaders from merely good ones? It isn't IQ or technical skills, says Daniel Goleman. It's emotional intelligence: a group of five skills that enable the best leaders to maximize their own and their followers' performance.

Essay #2: The Right Way To Be Introspective by Tasha Eurich (5 pages)

Obsessive navel-gazing can be satisfying, but the problem is, it can also be damaging. Organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich suggests ways to escape the loop of rumination and learn how to move forward for real. Perhaps instead of asking “why,” Eurich argues, we should be asking “what.”

Case Studies

Part of the LCI is a focus on continual learning which is done, in part, through the case study curriculum. These cases cover a range of leadership topics and will be interwoven with the LCI themes throughout the week. You are expected to read the cases before arriving in Ithaca and you should use the discussion points to guide your thinking. While at LCI, you will break apart into small groups to discuss the case studies and your takeaways. 

Case Study #1: The Behira Point (Free Will)

  • Reading 1: The Behira Point by E.E. Dessler (6 pages)
  • Reading 2: The Ides of March Screenplay by George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Beau Willimon (100 pages)
    • Or watch the film The Ides of March film starring Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Evan Rachel Wood, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei, and Jeffrey Wright (100 minutes)

Case Study #2: Miracle on the Hudson (Sully)

  • Reading: Miracle on the Hudson (A) Harvard Kennedy School Case Study (12 pages)

Case Study #3: Teamworks Case (Dan Pallotta)

  • Reading: Uncharitable (pages 189-228) by Dan Pallotta (39 pages)

Case Study #4: Teach For America (Wendy Kopp)

  • Reading: Wendy Kopp and Teach For America (A) Harvard Business School Case Study (9 pages)
  • Reading [optional]: Leading Change excerpt by Marshall Ganz (35 pages)

Engaged Cornell

To provide the Fellows with the best possible LCI experience, ServiceCorps has explored ways to take advantage of Cornell University's resources. SerivceCorps is pleased to be partnering with Engaged Cornell, a new leadership and service initiative of the university:

Engaged Cornell is renewing and expanding Cornell University's founding commitment to “knowledge with a public purpose.” At the core of the initiative is innovation in teaching and learning through shared practices that connect students, faculty, and curricula with communities and the public realm across the globe.

Engaged Cornell will be facilitating a a 3-part workshop for ServiceCorps:


Identities and Systems: Critical Reflection For Emerging Leaders

The sessions engage with participants on their self-exploration relating to their identities and power in connection with political and socio-economic systems.  

Learning Objectives:

  • To increase awareness of one’s own cultural, political and socio-economic background  
  • To understand importance of self-identity based on affiliations with groups, power and privilege, and various social systems
  • To explore the influence of self-identity on individuals’ experiences in organizational settings

Workshop Goals:

  • Provide opportunities for fellows to reflect their various identities in relations to the various socio-economic and political systems; and how these systems construct and shape their identities
  • Introduce critical reflection as tools for self-development, life-long learning strategy, and community development work
  • To provide participants a simulated opportunity to build community with people that come from various backgrounds
  • To provide participants a chance to critically experience the interaction with returning citizens, and attempt to service and build community together with this particular group of citizens

Pre-Session Readings: 


  • Group presentations

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