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ServiceCorps Fellow Committees

ServiceCorps Fellows have the opportunity to shape the program they want to experience via Fellow Committees. Committees not only improve the program but also allow Fellows to gain valuable educational tools in planning, leadership development, and fundraising.

Size: Each committee consists of 3-4 Fellows and 1-2 ServiceCorps liaison.

When: Committees should meet bi-weekly, either in person or remotely, but may meet more or less depending on time of year.

Resources: Through their ServiceCorps liaison, committees are able to make requests for resources as needed.

Committee Selection: In order to select committees, Fellows rank which committee they want to join. ServiceCorps uses a mutual match process and input form ServiceCorps staff to determine committees.

The committees are:

  1. Fundraising, Community, & Events
  2. Curriculum & Guest Speakers (SLI, SLR, Seminars)
  3. Recruiting, Alumni, Corporate Connection, & SLS

Fundraising, Community, & Events

ServiceCorps Liaison: Matt Ronen

Fellow Committee Members: Ben Turnbull, Laura Edmonson, Mark Gero

Overview: This committee has 3 main goals:

  1. Fellow fundraising
  2. Elevating Fellow community
  3. Planning a year end event(s)  

Fundraising Task: Fellows must choose a Fundraising target amount per Fellow and design a Fellow fundraising strategy. Fundraising must use a technology platform, such as (Liaison will assist). Money raised individually cannot be donated to ServiceCorps itself, though donations to Social Sector Partners are permitted. However, donations may be made to ServiceCorps if they are from the entire cohort (i.e. class gift).

Skills gained: Sales, pitching, fundraising.

Community Task: Your task is to think creatively about elevating the Fellow community. This could be through communication, events, etc.

Skills gained: Community organizing.

Event Task: Your task is to create a year-end event in NYC and/or Boston.

Skills gained: Event planning.

Curriculum & Guest Speakers (SLI, SLR, Seminars)

ServiceCorps Liaison: Ben Glass and Tristan Lombard

Fellow Committee Members: Becky Andrews, Henry Zhu, Madeline Iffert, Rebecca Sheinman

Overview: ServiceCorps’ current leadership development curriculum is structured into the following programs: Service-Leadership Institutes (SLIs), Service-Leadership Retreats (SLRs), & biweekly Service Seminars.

SLI: SLI-1 was completed at GE’s headquarters at the end of June. SLI-3 is the end-of-year, encompassing institute that mirrors SLI-1 and should emphasize the same themes of service impact and leadership discussed in June. SLI-2 is currently in development by the ServiceCorps staff and will collaborate with this committee to decide the best trip option. This type of support will include international service trip planning with potential projects, locations, and service opportunities 

SLR: SLR-1 took place in Long Island from August 19-21st. SLR-2 is TBD in 2017.

Seminars: Classes will run bi-weekly in person. If the class facilitator is not in your current city, you will be able to participate via Zoom, a video-chat technology which allows Fellows and staff to interact with each other. The classes are currently in development with an educational consultant, but there is much room for creative input on how these sessions should run! It w will be important for Committee members to provide feedback for professional development curriculum. We also would like this committee to produce and lead the lecture about socio-cultural and historical background of international service trip country prior to the service trip commences.

Other Events: ServiceCorps will also be relying on this committee to plan social events for Fellowship engagement during the year in collaboration with the ServiceCorps Staff.

Lastly, this committee will help to select and recruit guest speakers that are relevant to ServiceCorps’ leadership development curriculum.

Curriculum Task: 

  1. Think of the positives and negatives of SLI1 and help to design a SLI-3 that is both better and comes full circle for the program.
  2. Discuss SLR-2 and create a weekend retreat agenda that combine service, learning, and fun.
  3. Work with the educational consultant to determine what the biweekly seminar chats should consist of and how to make sure it’s worthwhile for all the Fellows.

These tasks will undergo multiple refinements and require speaking with the other Fellows and SC staff to determine a good learning fit. It won’t be easy but should be fun to design what you want to learn!

Skills gained: Leadership development training.  

Guest Speaker Task: Examples:

  1. Bring in a speaker who works on human rights development and create questions to discuss after in groups at SLR-2
  2. Find an article for the Fellows to read and chat about face-to-face at a Seminar.

Skills gained: Education. Networking.

Recruiting, Alumni, Corporate Connection, & SLS

ServiceCorps Liaison: Kerry Miller

Fellow Committee Members: Elizabeth Cromie, Emily Claps, Kevin Miranda, Nicole Riggio

Overview: This committee has 4 main goals:

  1. Recruiting and selecting future Fellows
  2. Designing your alumni community
  3. Creating stronger connections to ServiceCorps Corporate Partners
  4. Helping to plan the Service-Leadership Summit (SLS) in October 2017

Recruiting: Help with marketing and recruiting future Fellows. Take part in Fellow selection through informational interviews. Developing a strategy for accepted applicants. Lastly, helping to onboard new Fellows and design mentorship roles for SLI-1, 2017. (GE Fellows will get to attend SLI-1, 2017.)

Skills gained: Communication. Marketing. Mentorship.

Alumni: Task: In this committee, Fellows determine how best to engage alumni of the Fellowship both in the short-term (+1 year) and long-term.

Skills gained: Community building. Networking.

Corporate Connection: Develop stronger internal ServiceCorps networks at Corporate Partners through affinity groups, mentors, and creating a re-integration strategy.

Skills gained: Communication. Strategy.

SLS: Help with strategy, planning, developing, and securing sponsorships for the 1st annual Service-Leadership Summit in October, 2017.

Skills gained: Community.

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