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ServiceCorps Mentorship Program

Welcome to the ServiceCorps Mentorship Program. The ServiceCorps team, in partnership with Citi and GE, is excited to announce our inaugural Mentorship Program. We are pairing Fellows with experienced professionals in each of their respective corporate sponsors who will serve as their Mentors. The key goal is to facilitate company integration for the Fellows prior to their completion of ServiceCorps, and build strong mutual relationships with corporate sponsor Mentors and Fellows. We envision this program will allow for:

●      Fellows to receive advice to help them excel in their future corporate roles

●      Fellows to have the opportunity to learn more about their future work culture, role expectations, and professional development opportunities

●      Mentors to learn more about the ServiceCorps Fellowship and social impact



The Mentorship Program will cultivate a relationship for mentored growth between the Mentor and Fellow. We hope to that meaningful relationships between both parties will not only assist Fellows in their transition prior to their corporate position, but also allow for maximum impact on day one moving forward.

Setting Expectations

It is important to note that all meetings are Fellow driven. Fellows are responsible for any action points and should be proactive in building relationships. Mentors have been selected by their respective companies and will be an asset to Fellows. Fellows are to connect with Mentors a minimum of once a month with goal-oriented conversations.

Fellows will need to:

●      Be clear on what you hope to gain from the working relationship

●      Define what you are looking for in a Mentor

●      Establish goals for the relationship

●      Be respectful of each other's time, including being punctual for meetings and having achievable goals per call

●      Fellows are to keep track of communications with Mentor in FLSA Tracking Sheet

●      Most importantly, have fun - your relationship is what you hope to make of it




The Mentorship Program is a valuable opportunity for Fellows to network with leaders at their respective sponsoring corporations. Fellows should prepare to ask questions that will make them more prepared for their future roles, including leadership development, exploring company culture, and any other advice that be fruitful for Fellow's to know prior to full-time employment. Mentors will assist Fellows integrating into their respective roles, while facilitating conversations with work-life balance, leadership skills, and professional development.

Benefits for the Fellow: 

●      Understand what it takes to hit the ground running at your sponsor company

●      Learn valuable advice for career and discover future potential leadership opportunities

●      Become passionate about building your personal brand

●      Create a life-long friendship

Benefits for Mentors: 

●      Being reflective of your own experience at company, while helping shape expectations of the Fellow

●      Opportunity to recognize and encourage the Fellow’s potential

●      Further develop leadership and management skills

●      Giving back to your community and building future leaders at your company


Example Questions

In order to have both the Mentor and Fellow prepared for the initial conversation, we have compiled a list of optional general questions to better facilitate early conversations.

Questions for Fellows to ask Mentors: 

●      Can you describe your position and role at the company?

●      What are the top skills you have developed over your tenure at the company?

●      What types of skills or techniques do you recommend I develop during my service year before I join the company?

●      What are your short-term and long-term career goals?

●      What do you wish you knew at my stage before starting at the company?

●      Who else would you recommend I connect with?

●      How can I work smarter?

●      What are you trying to accomplish this year at the company?

●      What were your biggest struggles so far in the company?

●      What has been your most rewarding accomplishment?

●      How would you like me to follow up?

●      Why do you do what you do?

●      What factors do you consider most often when planning for the future?

●      How do you spend your time during a workday?

●      What is one thing you still struggle with at work?

●      What is one thing you would have done differently at work?

●      What is one question you wish you asked earlier?

Questions for Mentors to ask Fellows: 

●      What is your motivation for joining ServiceCorps? Tell me more about your position at your nonprofit.

●      What are your short-term and long-term career goals?

●      How can I help/where do you need the most help?

●      Well-defined goals (What do we want to accomplish together this year?)

●      Mentoring work plan (What are the steps for achieving our goals?)

●      What mistakes have you made?

●      How do you spend your time during a workday?

●      What is one thing you still struggle with in your placement?

●      What’s one thing you would have done differently in your placement?

●      What is one question you wish you asked earlier?

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