Just the FAQs

 ServiceCorps General Overview

  • What is ServiceCorps?
  • How does ServiceCorps work?
  • How does the partnership work?
  • Which kinds of nonprofit organizations fit our criteria of ServiceCorps Certified?
  • Who is the ServiceCorps exchange relevant to?
  • Do I need to apply to be a part of the ServiceCorps Nonprofit Placement Process?
  • What access do nonprofits get when they become ServiceCorps Certified? 
  • Where will Fellows be located?
  • How will performance be measured during ServiceCorps?
  • Will Fellows be place with other Fellows at nonprofits or could they be the only fellow working for an organization?
  • What does the nonprofit matching process look like?
  • If I am having a technical problem or any other types of problems-what should I do?

Our Fellows and their Fellowship

  • How do I find service positions?
  • Why should I submit a profile for ServiceCorps?
  • How can I participate in the ServiceCorps Fellowship?
  • Why should I consider doing ServiceCorps?
  • How would this experience of serving translate to your personal skills and leadership?
  • Does it cost money to do a ServiceCorps?
  • How long does the program last?
  • Will housing be arranged for Fellows?
  • What does the relocation package cover/include?
  • What will determine who is selected for the fellowships?
  • What does the interview process look like? Will interviews be interview-based?
  • What type of formal/on-job training will Fellows receive?
  • Who will be responsible for arranging/paying for travel to formal trainings held by ServiceCorps?
  • How does the Debt-Zero Guarantee program work?
  • What stipend and other forms of support are provided during the Fellowship?
  • What are the stipend ranges?
  • Does ServiceCorps provide assistance with student loans?
  • What benefits does ServiceCorps offer?
  • Do I need to be a college senior to apply to ServiceCorps?

The role of our Social Sector Partners

  • Who are ServiceCorps Fellows?
  • How does it work?
  • What can Fellows do?
  • What does the process look like for a host organization?
  • Who chooses Fellows?
  • How do I add my colleagues to our ServiceCorps Host Organization?
  • How much does it cost to host a ServiceCorps Fellow?
  • What does being ServiceCorps Certified mean?
  • What are the certification requirements?
  • How long does the certification process take?
  • How does ServiceCorps define a position?
  • Can I edit my organization profile and position(s)?
  • How do I contact prospective Fellows?
  • What personel classification should apply to Fellows?

How we "Match" Fellows with our Social Sector Partners

  • What does the process look like for a host organization?
  • Who chooses Fellows?
  • How does the Match work?
  • What is the cost to host a ServiceCorps Fellow?
  • What if my organization cannot contribute the cost to host a ServiceCorps Fellow?
  • How does the vetting process work? Can a host organization do background checks and reference checks?
  • What is the timeline for paying the fee to host a Fellow -- installments, all at once, etc?
  • After a formal introduction is made between Social Sector Partner and Fellow, who makes the first contact?
  • What questions should be asked during the interview(s)?
  • Will Social Sector Partners still be listed on the ServiceCorps website if they are not hosting a Fellow in a given year?
  • When do introductions between Fellow and Social Sector Partner happen?
  • How does the selection process work? Do host organizations have a say in the Fellows that they ultimately host or not?
  • When would Social Sector Partners learn when they are ServiceCorps Certified?
  • Are Social Sector Partners expected to provide health insurance to Fellows?
  • Does ServiceCorps have a checklist of suggestions that would help to ensure this experience is positive for the Fellows and Social Sector Partners?
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