Match FAQs

  • Who chooses Fellows?

ServiceCorps uses a match process to place Fellows, similar to the popular medical school fellowship process:

1. Social Sector Partners provide job descriptions
2. Fellows interview with Social Sector Partners and rank-order their preferences
3. Based on Fellow preferences, Social Sector Partners can accept or reject a Fellow
4. Fellows are notified of their placement

Social Sector Partners reserve to the right to reject any/all Fellows that they deem unsuitable for their organization.

  • How does the Match work?

To ensure optimal placements for Fellows to our Social Sector Partners, we have created a mutual matching process between Fellows and nonprofits. This means that there is no obligation for a Social Sector Partner to hire a Fellow unless it is a valuable endeavor for them. If a mutual Match is found, the nonprofits pay a hosting fee for a Fellow to work as a full-time employee for one year at the designated host organization. We are grateful for our generous corporate and nonprofit partner contributions which contribute to Fellow salary.

  • What if my organization cannot contribute the cost to host a ServiceCorps Fellow?

While we feel that our highly subsidized, full-time, top college graduates offer a tremendous value to our partners, we are fully cognizant that not every organization is in a position to support a Fellow. Unfortunately, ServiceCorps also is not in a position to sponsor a Fellows cost for a Social Sector Partner. However, should circumstances change, we would love to work with organizations that cannot pay the fee in the future.

  • How does the vetting process work? Can a host organization do background checks and reference checks?

Every ServiceCorps Fellow goes through a background check conducted by ServiceCorps and our background check professional service firm.

We do our due diligence as well through different verification methods to make sure our Fellows are cleared to participate in the program. This includes but is not limited to checking with the justice department for college verification, misdemeanor and felony offenses, etc.

Some of our Social Sector Partners also have their own compliance needs and conduct their own background check. This is especially the case when working with young populations. We want our Social Sector partners to feel comfortable about this whole process so other necessary vetting steps from our partners end is okay by us.

  • What is the timeline for paying the fee to host a Fellow -- installments, all at once, etc?

We have set up a variety of payment plans in order to make it work for nonprofit partners. The payment methods includes a variety of options: all at once, in 2, 4, or 6 installments. The specifics of the payment plans that nonprofits adhere to will be provided with the contract that will be signed to host a Fellow when a Match is found. Please request if you would like this document sooner.

  • After a formal introduction is made between Social Sector Partner and Fellow, who makes the first contact? 

Please feel free to reach out to Fellows if they haven't already messaged you. We would like this step to be fluid so either side is in a position to coordinate the first steps of the interview process after the formal introduction is made.

  • What questions should be asked during the interview(s)?

Every organization has its own needs and thus there is no right way to evaluate Fellows. Given that most Fellows are currently in university, we expect the majority of interaction will be conducted over phone and email. Additionally, Social Sector Partners are free to utilize other evaluation tools: e.g. Excel tests, writing samples, case studies, etc. The interview guide below has some helpful suggestions for questions:


  • Will Social Sector Partners still be listed on the ServiceCorps website if they are not hosting a Fellow in a given year?

Yes, we want to list all organizations on our website that we certify regardless of if they are hosting a ServiceCorps Fellow in a given year or not. We want to showcase all of our partners, as this is a great way to market the potential opportunities for future Fellows.

  • When do introductions between Fellow and Social Sector Partner happen?

The steps that happen prior to formal introductions are as follows:

  • Fellows inform ServiceCorps team of preferred host organization opportunities (Certified organizations that are included in the ServiceCorps Social Sector Partner Handbook
  • ServiceCorps team presents interested Fellows to the preferred host organizations
  • Host organizations approve formal introductions with interested Fellows
  • Formal Introductions follow and the Match interview process begins
  • How does the selection process work? Do host organizations have a say in the Fellows that they ultimately host or not?

A Social Sector Partner is under no obligation to host a Fellow unless they are interested in the specific Fellow. The match process is designed to create an optimal placement for both Fellow and Social Sector Partner. If their is no value to our partners to host a Fellow then by no means are they obligated to this. 

  • When would Social Sector Partners learn when they are ServiceCorps Certified?

After potential host organizations fill out their ServiceCorps Certified application, they should expect to hear back from ServiceCorps about Certification anywhere between a few days to two weeks.

  • Are Social Sector Partners expected to provide health insurance to Fellows?

ServiceCorps provides for all costs, including health insurance, outside the hosting required for our Social Sector Partners. This means that ServiceCorps covers benefits and everything else (including health insurance).

  • Does ServiceCorps have a checklist of suggestions that would help to ensure this experience is positive for the Fellows and Social Sector Partners?

ServiceCorps is in the process of providing a comprehensive checklist for host organizations to ensure our expectations in creating a positive experience for the Fellows and Social Sector Partners. This will be provided to our partners that are contractually bound to host at least one of our Fellows.

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