Social Sector Partner FAQs

  • Who are ServiceCorps Fellows?

ServiceCorps Fellows hail from top universities and are both highly capable and incredibly passionate to contribute to our nonprofit partners.

  • How does it work?

ServiceCorps connects Fellows to our high-impact nonprofit partners. ServiceCorps processes the certifications on both new and existing organizations and positions and provides Fellows with a direct connection to these potential host organizations. By joining the ServiceCorps network, our partners will be featured in a pool of potential host organizations from across the nonprofit sector.

  • What can Fellows do?

ServiceCorps Fellows are some of the hardest working and most motivated college graduates. Fellows are generally proficient in computer, social skills, and have maintained a number of community service leadership positions prior to their Fellowship. Additionally, Fellows undergo one week of training at our Leadership Capital Institute preceding their nonprofit placement.

 Fellow Profile:
+ A graduating undergraduate senior from a top college/university
+ 3.5+ GPA (majority of Fellows)

+ A global mindset
+ A passionate interest in volunteerism
+ Strong analytical skills
+ Strong PowerPoint skills
+ Excellent communication skills
+ Strategic thinkers
+ Demonstrated ability to accomplish assigned tasks
+ Strong relationship skills

Note: It is required that Fellows spend no more than 75% of their time doing "indirect" service work and at least 25% of their time in "direct" service.

  • What does the process look like for a host organization?

1. Complete interest form
2. Introductory call with ServiceCorps
3. Apply to be ServiceCorps Certified
4. Placement Process begins (Sharing of profiles, interview process begins)
5. Mutual Matching process (Based on Nonprofit and Fellow preferences)
6. If match is found, Memorandum of Understanding and Contract are signed for both parties and key contact is assigned for the host organization
7. Onboarding process begins for Fellow to Nonprofit
8. Fellow begins working full-time at placement organization

  • Who chooses Fellows?

ServiceCorps uses a match process to place Fellows, similar to the popular medical school fellowship process:

1. Nonprofits provide job descriptions
2. Fellows interview with nonprofits and rank-order their preferences
3. Based on Fellow preferences, nonprofits can accept or reject a Fellow
4. Fellows are notified of their placement

Nonprofit organizations reserve to the right to reject any/all Fellows that they deem unsuitable for their organization.

  • How do I add my colleagues to our ServiceCorps Host Organization?

To add staff members to your host organization profile, include the individual's information while applying to become ServiceCorps Certified. If you have already filled out your application but would like to add another staff member as a contact, please send the staff members contact information to and ServiceCorps will update your organization's profile.

  • How much does it cost to host a ServiceCorps Fellow?

The cost to host a ServiceCorps Fellow is depends on geography, but please find the 2017-18 SSP Fee here for reference. This cost includes all payments related to a ServiceCorps Fellow, including their stipend, benefits package, training, and other costs.

  • What does being ServiceCorps Certified mean?

This means that a nonprofit organization has applied and is accepted as a prospective host organization to have a ServiceCorps Fellow placed as a full-time employee if a mutual match is found between the two parties. With time, this will include Fellow feedback with their experience at your organization.

  • What are the certification requirements?

Being ServiceCorps Certified for a ServiceCorps position includes the below requirements:

  1. Address general information and how you intend to provide a Fellow with an engaging opportunity
  2. Opportunity for one year of full-time service through direct service and indirect capacity building
  3. Providing onboarding, orientation, mentoring, and supervision
  4. Providing a direct contact for a Fellow to work under during the year
  5. Provide the Social Sector Partner contribution towards the Fellow salary and program costs
  • How long does the certification process take?

Once you have applied to become ServiceCorps Certified, your submitted application will be vetted by the ServiceCorps team. Our goal is to have a decision made and organization approved in less than one week after submission. When certified, your organization will become an active part of our Social Sector Partner Placement Process and will begin the next steps to engage with our Fellow pool.

If you do not include important information, some information needs to be revised, or your organization is not yet fit for a ServiceCorps Fellow, we will provide feedback about the needed changes. Resubmissions will be given the same time frame for approval or feedback.

  • How does ServiceCorps define a position?

A position is defined as an opportunity to host a Fellow as a full-time employee at your organization.

  • Can I edit my organization profile and position(s)?

You can edit and update the information in your nonprofit profile at any time. If you would like any changes made to your organization profile, please notify us at and we will process your request in a timely fashion.

  • What personnel classification should apply to Fellows?

At all times the Fellows will remain employees of ServiceCorps. It is best if our partners gave Fellows a personnel classification that was consistent with this treatment, such as independent contractor. Partners should not classify Fellows as employees of their organization

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