ServiceCorps Fellow FAQs

  • How do I find service positions?

Organizations that are ServiceCorps Certified will be added to our ongoing list of nonprofit partners and shared with prospective Fellows. We will work closely with each Fellow to determine which nonprofits will provide the best opportunities for them depending on Fellow interest and preferences (focus area, type of work and service, organization size, etc.). We will offer recommendations and will work with Fellows to find an ideal match.

  • Why should I submit a profile for ServiceCorps?

ServiceCorps requires that Fellows submit information for profiles so that we have the necessary information to begin the match process. ServiceCorps and our Social Sector Partners determine where Fellow preferences best align with placement positions.

  • How can I participate in the ServiceCorps Fellowship?

Prospective Fellows must be a student during their senior year of college and need to apply and be accepted to be a part of the fellowship. 

  • Why should I consider doing ServiceCorps?

ServiceCorps provides a Fellowship opportunity to individuals who are socially-engaged and poised to make greater contributions in their communities for one year to work full-time at a high-impact nonprofit. This is an opportunity to get firsthand service experience and pursue important work while continuously developing new skills and making an impact in the first year of your career.

  • How would this experience of serving translate to your personal skills and leadership?

Along with the worthwhile service involved, our nonprofit partners will utilize Fellow skills and increase their abilities through training, capacity building and direct service experience. ServiceCorps also offers Fellows the chance to discover their passions and make an impact in their communities.

  • Does it cost money to be a ServiceCorps Fellow?

Of course not! In fact, you will be paid equivalent to first-year full-time employees in the nonprofit sector. You will also receive a benefit package including:

  • Health benefits include: medical, dental, and vision.
  • Insurance benefits include: life, short-term and long-term disability.

ServiceCorps is also the first and only program to democratize service by providing Fellows with modest living stipends and by paying 100% of student loan payments during the first year of the program (more information below).

  • How long does the program last?

This is a one-year program with the opportunity to stay at your placement organization for a longer period if the Fellow and host organization agree to extend the placement.

  • Will housing be arranged for Fellows?

Fellows will be responsible for finding their own housing. Fellows are strongly encouraged and financially incentivized through the ServiceFund to live with each other during their year of service.

  • What will determine who is selected for the fellowships?

The ServiceCorps application process evaluates nominees based on non-discriminatory objective criteria. The online application and interview endeavor to help ServiceCorps to get to know the whole person: professional, personal, and communal.

  • What does the interview process look like?

The application process has two main parts, which are weighted evenly:

Part 1. Online Application
Part 2. Fit Interview

Criteria: ServiceCorps considers the following categories when evaluating applicants:
1. Leadership: track record and evolution
2. Service: commitment and interests
3. Community: outlook and ideas
4. Character: where have you been, where are you going, and why?

Part 1. Online Application

The online application includes 5 sections:
1. Eligibility
2. Basic Information
3. Background Information
4. Additional Information
5. Personal Statement

The application process has been designed to be respectful of the nominee's time. It should take between 1-2 hours to complete the online application.

Part 2. Fit Interview

Once the ServiceCorps staff has reviewed an online application, the nominee will be invited to a Fit Interview. A fit interview is used to determine if a nominee will be a good fit for the program. For most applicants, the Fit Interview will be conducted by phone. Where convenient, in-person interviews are preferred, although there is no advantage vs. phone interviews.

  • What type of formal/on-job training will Fellows receive?

Fellows will receive functional job training in basic hard and soft skills during the Leadership Capital Institute. Additional training will be provided by nonprofits on a placement by placement basis as needed. All Fellows receive continuing leadership and professional development training regularly throughout the year of service.

  • Who will be responsible for arranging/paying for travel to formal trainings held by ServiceCorps?

Fellows are responsible for arranging and paying for all travel to/from trainings. ServiceCorps will reimburse Fellows where appropriate.

  • How does the Debt-Zero Guarantee program work?

ServiceCorps will pay 100% of student loan payments based on 10-year loan repayment terms for the final 6 months of the ServiceCorps Fellowship (most student loan repayments start 6 months after graduation).

  • What stipend and other forms of support are provided during the Fellowship?

ServiceCorps provides Fellows with a stipend that covers the reasonable costs incurred during the course of the year of service. Fellows are financially incentivized to live with each other to conserve costs and to foster community. A relocation stipend may be provided to help Fellows with the cost of getting from their home locations to the Leadership Capital Institute and to their Fellowship city.

  • What are the stipend ranges?

Stipends vary depending on the cost of living in your location.

  • Does ServiceCorps provide assistance with student loans?

No, we eliminate student loans during the year of service.

If student loans were holding you back from considering service, think again.

Historically, one of the greatest barriers to service opportunities has been financial cost. This means that committing to service has been extremely difficult if not impossible for people who carry large amounts of student debt.

At ServiceCorps, we believe that everyone can benefit from service and everyone can serve. Service should not be a luxury, and with the backing of our generous supporters, we set out to democratize service by eliminating 100% of student loan debt during Fellows' year of service. We don't just eliminate interest payments that accrue during the year, under the terms of our Zero-Debt Guarantee we pay 100% of student loan payments (some conditions apply).

  • What benefits does ServiceCorps offer?

ServiceCorps has partnered with TriNet, a benefits and payroll company to offer a comprehensive benefits package that is benchmarked to the corporate benefits packages offered by our corporate sponsors.

Health benefits include: medical, dental, and vision.

Insurance benefits include: life, short-term and long-term disability.

We also provide the option to enroll in a 401(k) and provide matching contributions up to 6% of savings.

  • Do I need to be a college senior to apply to ServiceCorps?

No. While most of our applicants graduate in the December or May graduation of the Fellowship year, we also allow applicants from the previous academic year.

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